What You Can Expect From Winner Communications
As a Media Buying Service

Preliminary Planning Session
Our management team meets with the client or agency to review the specifications, including marketing objectives, timetables, mediums utilized, target audiences and budgets. If specifications are not provided by the client, Winner will prepare a specifications plan based on your company's or clients' marketing objectives.

Planning and Negotiating
Negotiated schedules and media analysis of the buy are prepared and reviewed with the client or agency, revised if required and purchased upon approval.

Clearance of Radio or TV Spot(s) for Airing

Advisement of Merchandising Your Media
Plans for Total Sell-Through.

Submission of Estimates and Contracts
Detailed as requested by client or agency.

Trafficking of Your Radio or Television Commercial(s)

Monitoring of Airings
Including pre-emptions, make-goods, plus advisement on distress merchandise
available throughout the flight.

Review and Submission of Station Affadavits to Client or Agency.

Billing of Said Client or Agency.

Post Buy Analysis
A written review of the schedule as bought and schedule as run discussed in a meeting between Winner management and the client or agency.

What You Can Expect From Winner Communications
As a Production Company

Winner Communications, Inc. is a full service production company with facilities for the creation of radio and television commercials, documentaries and sales training films serving both advertisers and advertising agencies.

Our creative staff draws from the finest talent available in the industry-from producers and copywriters to stylists, cameramen, sound engineers and film directors with commercial as well as feature film credits.

Production at Winner Communications is approached from a unique vantage point in that we are as concerned about the positioning and selling of your product as we are of adding another award-winning spot to our reel. In other words, we believe that marketing and creativity go hand in hand. In every case we endeavor to tailor creativity not only to the taste, but to the budget of our clients.

Production is a five-step process at Winner

Information: Gaining a thorough knowledge of your company, product or service.

Concept: Designing television or radio commercials based on your marketing objectives within your budget structure. Submitted in script and storyboard format.

Clearance: Obtaining pre-production clearance of your commercial from networks and independent stations.

Production: The physical translation of concept into the actual commercial, including casting, recording, shooting, editing and release.

Analysis: A review with the client to gauge the effectiveness of a specific campaign or program.

For those advertising agencies preferring to do their own concepting, Winner will handle only clearance, production, trafficking and media buying.