Winner's Success Stories

Winner Communications, Inc. has been one of the pioneers of retail broadcast advertising in the US. The following Success Stories reflects our caliber of client and the quality of our work.

Some of our success stories are Carvel, General Nutrition Centers, Jordache Jeans and dozens of other accounts. Go back ten years and ask the typical person on the street who the three or four most prominent retail advertisers were. They probably would have said Carvel, McDonald's, Crazy Eddie, and Seaman's Furniture. At the time, Crazy Eddie was spending $160,000 per week ($8,000,000 per year) on television advertising. McDonald's and Seaman's were spending $200,000 - $250,000 per week ($10,000,000 - $12,000,000 per year) on television advertising. Carvel was spending $1,100,000 in New York (only $22,000 per week on television advertising) and Carvel became a household name!

Thus, with a budget of only $22,000 per week, Carvel was seen on television both day and night, 52 weeks of the year. They became a household name and one of the most talked about retailers in the country. Mr. Carvel passed away ten years ago and the corporation was sold. Winner has not done media placement for Carvel for the past five years. Today, Carvel is spending roughly the same amount in New York, but they are rarely seen by anyone except occasionally on the holidays, proving that Winner's delivery was absolutely outstanding.

General Nutrition Centers is another tremendous success story. They were losing money when we first met with them. Two years after we put them on television they went public, and GNC became one of the hottest retail stocks in the country, going from $16.00 per share to a high of $140 per share in a couple of years. GNC had been with two other agencies before Winner Communications and each time television did not work. After they came to Winner profits shot up dramatically.

Jordache Jeans was just starting when we ran them on television. Several years after going on television, Jordache was doing hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. Jordache Jeans' Success Story was greatly enhanced by Winner's use of television.