How Winner Communications is Unique From Other Media Buying Services

Winner Communications maintains marketing as well as media professionals who work with clients to position their product or service and in turn with Winner's media planners to assure that the programming meets the marketing objectives. Because of day-to-day contact with the stations and their affiliates nationwide, our planners are daily updated on programming, ratings and demographics. Few other services buy in as many markets on a consistent basis. Naturally, our planners are able to work independently or to clients' specifications.

In today's market, a "bid and asked" pricing situation is credited as in the commodity market. The best values and investment return will accrue to those advertisers using the shrewdest and most experienced negotiators with in-depth intelligence in the market.

Winner Communications is known as the toughest negotiator in the media buying business. With the ever spiraling costs of broadcast time, being able to save clients money or to double the number of impressions for the same amount of money is proven value, and as such is our greatest selling point.

Unlike most media buying services, Winner annually negotiates for and commits to substantial inventory with the networks and independents nationwide. This is an asset to clients in two ways. First, because the negotiation is based on a volume commitment and the rates are negotiated proportionately. Secondly, because the rates are negotiated per annum, the time saved in preparing individual schedules is immense. This allows us to give our clients immediate service on long- as well as short-term buys.

Although each account or agency is assigned to a media and marketing team drawn from the Winner Communications, Inc. staff, Winner management oversees and participates on each account no matter what the size or scope of the buy. Our offices are open until 7:00 PM during the week for the convenience of our clients and our exchange number is open for weekend emergencies.

Winner Communications is unique in the media buying service business in that we additionally offer clients full production capabilities in radio and television.

For some clients, we produce spots all the way from copy concept through to the finished reel. We then place them in local, regional or national markets. Others, whom we exclusively serve as a media buying service, have found that our editing facilities prove useful in changing last minute tags or re-recording spots, and that our experience gives us greater proficiency in trafficking and clearance.