Winner Communications Management

Martin P. Feinberg presides over a staff of highly trained professionals and all of the complex operations that make Winner Communications unique in its field.

During the early days of the company and through its initial growth, Mr. Feinberg's rich and diversified background in broadcast media and film-making was a major force in building the foundation of Winner Communications. He is highly competent as a director, writer and film editor along with his renowned talent in broadcast media placement. Mr. Feinberg has worked on major motion pictures, documentary films, feature films and commercials for both advertising agencies and political campaigns. In total, he is one of the most thoroughly knowledgeable and diverse individuals in the field of communications.

Mr. Feinberg's vast knowledge of all phases of the communications field enables him to successfully channel the professional capabilities and varied experience of the individual executives and staff to make certain than their special talents are used to the fullest for the benefit of the client.

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